Community Lectures and Mentorship

I seek opportunities to engage the community in STEM-related topics through multi-sensory lectures on various platforms. These programs allow teachers and community leaders to request virtual and in-person lectures or browse pre-recorded sessions. I have “visited” over 200 classrooms and 2000+ students with more than 100 hours of personalized interactions. I also provide career mentoring through resume reviews and individualized meetings.

Request a "visit" through either of the providers listed

Martian Greenhouse 2.0

This project-based program pairs classrooms with industry leaders to develop designs for Martian greenhouses while considering the constraints of spaceflight. I have been both an industry mentor and part of the program development board.

Antarctica Comes to Ohio

During my research tour in the Dry Valley of Antarctica, I was able to make a few classroom "appearances" back in Ohio. I described the science experiments my group was doing, and how life is just a little different on the bottom of the planet. Due to the time difference, it made for some early-morning calls (2am, whew!).

Meals on Wheels of Boulder County

Meals on Wheels of Boulder County provides over 250 meals daily, while also maintaining a permanent cafeteria offering subsidized lunches. I was both a server for the cafeteria, and packer for meal delivery. As server, I not only plated meals but also prepared entrees, cleaned the hot-bar area after service, and helped with washing dishes. During my time as a meal packer, I reconfigured and streamlined the packing process to reduce driver wait time from 20 to 5 minutes.

Boulder County Respite

This program pairs families caring for high-need individuals with volunteers to provide weekly care reprieves. I visited families one to two times a week for up to four hours, allowing caregivers to run errands or take time for self-care.